Days 9 to 11

1/4s f/1.8 85mm ISO400

f/1.8 85mm ISO800

streetkids blending into the nightscape 1/50s f/1.8 85mm ISO800



1/50sec f/3.2 85mm ISO1600 Handheld
wasn’t able to shoot the whole day then had to attend my high school batch monthly fellowship at Patrick Sy’s residence… decided to shoot the table’s centerpiece…

Days 1 to 6

1/20 f/8 50mm ISO100

1/25 f/2.8 50mm ISO1600

1/100 f/2.8 50mm ISO1600

1/200 f/1.4 50mm ISO100

1/40 f/2.8 18mm ISO2000 (this just had to be my pic of the day! … i’m so blest!)

1/40 f/2.8 85mm ISO1000 (remembered that I hadn’t taken a single shot the whole day and I was at a penthouse unit at the Fort…. what to shoot?)

1/40 50mm f/2.8 ISO200
…my 7th day into my project 365/ 1 pic a day… so far so good… Ian started his own as did a lot of other people I know… hopefully I can sustain this for the whole year without any hitches. Anyway, I’ll upload the first six days that I did in a while and I hope you enjoy this… as well as the random reflections that I may share whenever my Muse starts to inspire me… Happy New Year!